Think of users’ privacy concerns, marketers warned

Business Management, Digital Marketing By Rhys Little, 28th January 2014

Marketers need to quell privacy fears in order to better guarantee their campaigns will be a success, new research has suggested.

According to a new report from TrustE, some 89 per cent of Brits have some concerns about how their data is handled online. Furthermore, this was found to be more of a pressing issue than ever before, with 60 per cent of respondents claiming they were more anxious about data privacy now than they were 12 months ago.

This wasn’t just for sensitive personal information, though, as the research also found a crossover in the world of marketing as well, reports.

It was said that behavioural ads, which may use browsing history or previous interactions to give a much more tailored service is a concern for 54 per cent. As such, businesses were advised that setting privacy concerns at ease may provoke a better reaction than simply targeting users with tailored ads.

Elsewhere, TrustE found that 78 per cent of consumers simply wouldn’t use a smartphone app if they had concerns that any input information would not be properly protected.

Commenting on the results, European managing director of TrustE, Ken Parnham, told “Lack of trust can starve businesses of valuable data and sales, restricting the lifeblood of the digital economy as people are less likely to click on ads, use apps or enable location tracking on their smartphone.

“These findings show that success is no longer just about innovation, companies need to take decisive action to address online privacy concerns to stay ahead of the competition, minimise risk and build online trust.”