Tablet ecommerce spending expected to take over mobile

Industry News By Rhys Little, 5th December 2013

The rising popularity of the tablet will see it dominate the ecommerce market, as it’s fast becoming the most popular mobile device to shop on, a new report has shown.

According to, figures from eMarketer revealed that tablets are expected to make up 58 per cent of the market this year, whereas mobile is only predicted to account for 40.5 per cent.

The report estimates that around 20 million people in the UK this year will own or use a tablet device. As a result, ecommerce spending is expected to be double that of smartphone spending by 2015. By 2017, it will be triple the amount.

By the end of 2013, it’s predicted that tablets will be responsible for ten per cent of all ecommerce sales, reports However, come 2017 that percentage is expected to increase to 25 per cent, equating to over £18 million worth of sales.

It is also believed that in 2013, £8.17 billion of all ecommerce transactions will have been made on some sort of mobile device – that’s double the amount seen last year. Mobile devices will have been used for around 18 per cent of all ecommerce sales this year, showing an impressive growth in mobile device popularity.