Steve Jobs: 7 inspirational quotes to change your career

Careers By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 4th September 2014

Entrepreneur, marketer and inventor; Steve Jobs was the charismatic co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.

At the forefront of the personal computer and consumer electronics revolution, Steve Jobs transformed the way we use technology and communicate with our peers. He even changed how we listen to music and watch film.

Steve Job’s career was truly something that dreams are made of. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to spruce up your own, here’s a sprinkle of his insight to dust over your business plan.








So there you have it: always take risks and innovate.

Steve famously said he just wanted to put a ‘ding’ in the universe. Well, thank you Steve, you’ve most certainly done it.

All quotes sourced from on 3rd September 2014.