The secrets of successful internet marketing

Digital Marketing By Peter Richman, 10th September 2013

Internet marketing is neither as complicated nor expensive as you may think. Countless businesses are using the internet to market their company, boost their traffic and receive an incredible return on investment.
Here’s how you can do it too.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Keywords are vital to making sure your site appears as high as possible in search results. Clever attention to the way you use these keywords can boost your rankings in the most popular search engines.
Identify the phrases people will search for to find your business and use them in creative ways throughout your site in the page titles, headers and meta tags. This will impress the search engines and rocket you up the list of results in no time.

Paid search

You’ll already be familiar with the results that display at the top and along the right hand side of Google. An online marketing agency can organise a paid search campaign that will put you in those very positions and guarantee more clicks through to your website.

Social media

Boosting awareness of your business by setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts is a must in today’s business world. The systems are simple and they’re a great (and free!) way to get messages to your customers, interact with them and keep yourself firmly in their sights. And why not create a blog too? It’s a great forum for demonstrating your expertise and you can use Facebook and Twitter to point people at your posts.

Email marketing

Mailing lists are one of the most valuable marketing tools in a company’s kit. Get online visitors to join up to your mailing list and send them regular messages about your current offers and news. You’ll never be far from their minds if they’re receiving interesting, targeted mail from you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Web design

You should be proud of your website. After all, it’s your online shop front and needs to create an immediately positive reaction in your visitors. Professional web design is well worth the investment for so many reasons. If you want to stand out against your competitors, make sure your online presence is attractive, navigable and packed full of useful information.

News releases

Why not check out the various business news websites? If you send regular, interesting press releases to relevant sites, you’ll be benefiting from their traffic as well as your own and creating interest in your business for free.
All of the methods above are both powerful and straightforward. Some are free, some take investment. But they are all extremely potent and, when applied correctly, will drive significant traffic to your website.