Ryanair turns towards digital

Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Industry News By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 10th July 2014

Ryanair is investing £10m into a tech innovation hub, ahead of a major campaign rollout in September.

The digital hub is the coming together of the brand’s technology and marketing teams in its headquarters. Kenny Jacobs chief marketing officer at Ryanair predicts that they will be looking to hire over 200 digital and tech specialists including the roles of head of digital experience and head of digital marketing.

Jacobs estimated that it will cost at least £10m a year to fund the staffing of this project alone.

A chief technology officer will be recruited to focus on revising and reinventing the website and apps but also come up with fresh ideas for the company.

The CMO revealed Ryanair “may be looking at acquisitions in the digital area and trialing new bits of hardware”.

The new app will be available from the first week in September as part of the digital transition.  This app will allow customers to have the option of using mobile boarding passes instead of printing off their own.

Ryanair ran their first TV ad in 20 years this year in four European markets. They claimed that the brand has changed, and is striving towards a much more friendly approach.