Launching a Global Advertising Website

By Gabrielle Davenport, 7th July 2017

We are excited to announce that we’ve just launched a new website for a global advertising production agency called ICP. ICP manages the digital assets for leadings brands from Tiffany & Co, Unilever, Estee Lauder to Calvin Klein. You can check the new site out here.

Our Process

We kicked the project off with a series of interactive workshops and strategy sessions where we discussed a new site structure and the key messaging. Following this, we then used a modular process to build out the key landing page layouts and quickly put together wireframes for the site. By working in an agile way, it means the low fidelity wireframes are interactive and can be reviewed and adjusted as required. This method maximises the budget, with very little wastage.

Once the structure was signed off, we gradually increased the fidelity of each of the pages by adding the brand identity, typography and visual assets.


ICP Homepage Banner


ICP wanted to completely revamp the look-and-feel of the website but were keen to not lose their brand identity that ran strongly through the site, which is a common thing we hear!

There were two key issues with ICP’s current site. The first, their portfolio of digital solutions for leading brands was buried deep within the site. Secondly, the structure of the site was in desperate need of attention as there were many “shallow” pages that provided a disjointed user journey and are disliked by search engines due to lack of content.


ICP Portfolio


We delivered a fresh, modern website in an agile way and ensured that ICP’s creative solutions took centre stage. Hero banners and background images throughout the site allowed for ICP’s work to have space to be shown off and seen, no matter which page the user landed on.

ICP’s brand identity, colours and typography were woven into the site to ensure that their identity was still a core element to the design.

ICP’s key service offerings of Creative Production and Marketing Technology Services were given the same level of careful consideration as the homepage. By building the website on a flexible WordPress platform, ICP have full control and flexibility on each area of the site.

We’re keeping a close eye on the impact the new site is making, so watch this space for the results!