John Lewis boss puts Christmas success down to marketing

Industry News By Rhys Little, 3rd January 2014

John Lewis’s managing director has claimed that its marketing campaign has been a key part of what made the retailer so successful over the Christmas period.

Speaking to, Andy Street said that the positive sales figures were a result of a number of key components, but a good marketing campaign certainly helped.

“Festive success hasn’t come from one particular thing this year, it is really the accumulation of many things over a number of years,” he explained. “We have been following pretty ruthlessly the omnichannel bricks and clicks strategy and building the brand and marketing has been a part of that.”

He called marketing an “absolutely fundamental part” of John Lewis’s triumph, as it has helped “pull everything together”.

Compared to last Christmas, John Lewis’s sales were up 6.9 per cent this year. Sales at its highstreet stores rose 1.2 per cent but online was where the real money was, as sales rocketed by almost 23 per cent, reports

Mr Street added that many of the retailer’s competitors heavily discounted their products in the run up to Christmas, whereas John Lewis waited until the 27th of December. It seems that the festival figures show that it was right of John Lewis to wait until Boxing Day to hold a sale, as its rivals didn’t perform nearly as well.