ITV proves second screen advertising could be big

Industry News By Rhys Little, 18th January 2014

After achieving impressive engagement levels for its second screen interactive content, ITV has said it believes that the medium could be big for marketers.

According to, Jon Block, controller of commercial digital products at ITV, explained why second screen advertising has brought the broadcaster so much success.

“It’s a medium where people are swiping and clicking anyway [as they use apps to play along with the programme on air] so when it gets to the ad break they are in a more receptive state”, he said.

He added that people also don’t find the platform intrusive, as the interactive adverts are only displayed on the screen when it’s the TV ad break, which helps keeps users happy.

ITV has reported that over the tenth series of ‘The X Factor’, second screen format achieved a 14.3 per cent average click through rate and 43 per cent average engagement, reports

The most successful results were gained through interactive advertising. For example, ASDA’s ad encouraged app users to create a snowman and then share it on their social media sites for a chance to win a £500 shop. As a result, the advert reached engagement rates of 54 per cent and 20 per cent of the users clicked through to the supermarket’s site.

Mr Block also predicts that the format has a lot more to offer in the future, adding that it could be possible for 50,000 people to be playing the same game created by an advertiser, at the same time, against each other.