Customer Feedback Rules For Facebook Ads

By Brad Girtz, 1st July 2018

If you are advertising on Facebook you already have lots to think about including ad frequency, cost per result and creating custom conversions. However Facebook has added another factor into their advertising. Negative feedback could now cost you impressions and business.

Customers that make a purchase which was initiated through a Facebook Ad will have the option to fill out a one tap survey. The survey lets people rank their experience with a happy, neutral or sad face. The user will then be given a questionnaire to provide more feedback. This will be used by Facebook to punish advertisers with bad user experience.

If you get lots of happy and/or neutral faces and similar survey feedback, nothing will change. However if you receive a large amount of negative feedback, Facebook will notify you and may start to throttle the number of ads you can show. If your feedback does not improve you could even be banned from advertising on Facebook.

This is an update from the previous Facebook standards which were only used to rate experiences on Facebook itself rather than tracking the customer through to the end of the buying cycle.

Reports from Facebook customers show that the most common cause of frustration is ads that provide misleading shipping times or that misrepresent products. The important thing for advertisers to remember is that customers share both good and bad experiences equally. This is true both by word of mouth and social media according to an Ipsos poll. That means there is every reason to make sure your ads and customer experience are as good as possible.

If you wow a customer, you get a lovely hit of positive PR, whereas every poor rating could be lowering the amount of traffic you get to your ads and affecting your bottom line.

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