British shoppers are happy to lose money before complaining

Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Industry News By Rhys Little, 13th June 2014

A survey by 3,000 consumers of has revealed that British shoppers are happy to lose £20 before complaining.

The most popular way of complaining is via email with 67% of people choosing to use this method, however only 19% of people choose to go into the store and complain.  12% of people prefer to complain directly to the brands social media channels in the hope that they receive a quick and positive response.

Consumers may not always make a complaint but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a negative image about the brand.  49% of consumers would think twice about making a repeat purchase from the brand and 40% of people will not shop with the retailer again.

“Today’s consumers have become increasingly savvy about what and where they purchase online, However it is clear from the report that they are losing out financially because retailers have acclimatised them to this acceptance by making a claim for refunds or exchanges difficult.” said Zbynek Loebl, Founder and CEO,

91% of people use a combination of searching online and reading feedback before they make a purchase.