17 Best Architect Websites of 2020

By Emma Moody, 8th December 2020

The best architect websites push the boundaries of what is expected in order to stand out in what has become an extremely competitive marketplace. A website not only tells visitors the services that you offer and the recent work that you have delivered, but the design and build can also project the quality and style of your work. A fast website with a smooth and memorable user experience will tell prospective customers far more about your architecture practice than your copy does.  

So in no particular order here are our best rated architect websites for 2020.

1. Minale + Mann

Minale and Mann architect website

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Minale + Mann’s website uses a minimalist, streamlined design with a visual navigation. Their website is high quality and incorporates complex animations and transitions to guide users throughout the site. As an added bonus, the website is well optimised for search engines. This website has received high commendations at The Drum Design Awards, CSS Design Awards and Awwwards, as well as nominations at the Webby Awards and Archiboo Awards. They’ve got quite the trophy cabinet!


2. Williams Lester Architects

Williams Lester architect website

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Williams Lester Architects website uses big background images to display their portfolio of work. They have a visual case study menu and guide the user journey with overlaid end of page call to actions. The firm’s website has secured an Awwwards nomination for its design.


3. Property Vision

Property Vision web design

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Property Vision is likely to leave an impression on users with their bold brand and quirky navigation. The site uses scroll animations to direct the user journey and engage visitors with content. This website was awarded Special Kudos at the CSS Design Awards.


4. Chevron Partner

Chevron partner website homepage

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Chevron Partner’s website uses big background images and sophisticated typography to engage users. This web design was also awarded Special Kudos at the CSS Design Awards, as well as receiving an Honourable Mention from Awwwards.


5. Crosstrees House 

Crosstrees architect website menu

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This upside down website challenges web design norms by flipping a typical page order. Users scroll up each page instead of down, the navigation is at the bottom of the page and the footer is at the top. The design community granted an Awwwards Honourable Mention for this architect’s web design. 


6. Clarity Arts

Clarity Arts Website Design

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Clarity Art’s website design uses big background images and videos that zoom in and scope when a user enters the page which creates a premium design feel. It uses smooth animations and transitions, including a thin white line to bring different elements of the site together. Clarity Art’s web design was nominated by Awwwards with an Honourable Mention.


7. Shape Studio

Shape Studio webside homepage design

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Shape’s website design includes unique animations and interactive design, reflecting their brand and services. Shape’s website design earned Site of the Day with Awwwards.


8. Martin Building

Martin building website

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Martin Building’s web design combines engaging animations, content and typography to produce a high quality design. We think this site will snap up a few awards.


9. Studio Egret West

Studio Egret West Architect Firm Website

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Studio Egret West’s quirky architect website perfectly captures their brand and company ethos. With an unusual but effective main and secondary navigation structure, it’s no surprise that they picked up the award for Best Website at the Archiboos this year.


10. Apt

Apt Web Design

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Apt’s website includes a clever use of typography which introduces elements of their logo into the titles across the site. They use subtle animations and dynamic shapes to capture their brand, segment content, and create an overall engaging experience. Apt’s web design was recently awarded the Best User Experience at the Archiboo Awards, a well deserved win.


11. SODA Studio

Soda Studio Website Redesign

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Soda Studio’s web design leads with photography of their portfolio, producing a refined minimalist finish. They make clever use of understated animations to enhance the user experience.


12. Hollaway

Hollaway Website Navigation

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This website has a minimalist design with scroll features and hover states to guide the user through the site. Their website design was nominated in 2 categories at the Archiboo Awards.


13. Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company Construction Industry Website

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Powerhouse Company’s website opens with an artistic, well presented landing page that showcases their extensive array of projects which are immediately laid out for the viewer. It’s a quirky opening screen that leaves an impression on the website visitor, something much needed in the competitive architect studio marketplace. We particularly like the progress bar and load animation design across the site. Their website received a Webby nomination for their efforts.


14. Coffey Architects

Coffey Architects Web Design

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Effective use of white space, loading animations and brand elevates Coffey Architect’s clean and simple website design. Their projects take centre stage with strong photography and CAD drawings. 

15. Make

Make Architect Web Development

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The Make website creates a statement with engaging motion graphics and bold typography. Their brand is well reflected on the site and the web design makes great use of colour contrast, scroll interactivity and varied layouts.


16. Martinkovic Milford Architects

Martinkovic Milford Architects Homepage

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This web design offers a refreshing twist to the classic photography lead architect website design, using arrowhead patterns to encourage greater content consumption and guide the user down the page. With smooth animations, clear call to actions, and good use of typography, this is a memorable and engaging experience.


17. Urban Splash

Urban Splash Website Design

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Urban Splash makes great use of space in their design, creating an understated but effective user experience. They secured an Awwwards Honourable Mention for their work.


Best Architect Websites 2020

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