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by Gabrielle Richardson

I started at Plug and Play almost exactly 5 years ago, as an Account Executive. Now I’m our Operations Manager and split my time between scheduling our resources internally and managing client projects. The variety of different projects and clients keeps things interesting. Our ever changing industry means that our solutions are constantly evolving and there’s always more to learn.

My day starts with a strong cup of tea whilst checking my inbox, going through emails and responding to any queries that have come in overnight. A big part of my job is keeping on top of emails, ensuring that everyone gets a quick reply and that client requests are sent to the right member of the team to action.

Our workload is split into three; current web projects, digital marketing for retained clients and ad hoc pieces of work for clients who have a website that we support and maintain. Scheduling this in with our team and keeping clients up to date requires a lot of juggling! For me, this means that the morning is usually busy checking in with the team, making sure everyone is on track for the day and knows what they are due to deliver on.

This morning we have a client coming in for their website handover. It’s an exciting and nerve wracking meeting for both of us, our client is anxious to see the finished product after months of work and we’re excited to present the fruits of our labour! The meeting starts with a presentation of the new website, followed by training for the client’s team on how to use the content management system so they know how to manage text and imagery.

The meeting goes really well, but leaves me starving. Lunch is usually spent round the table with the rest of the team in our swanky new kitchen or popping into town to run errands.

We meet clients face to face for milestone meetings but have conference calls or screen share sessions for regular update meetings. This afternoon, it’s a call with a digital marketing client providing them an update on their SEO; they’ve seen some big increases for key search terms, which is great, but there’s plenty still to do. We plan our workload for the next three months and agree some targets between us.

There’s just time to make another cup of tea and tuck into the last of the homemade brownies (we have some excellent bakers on our team) before joining an internal video meeting discussing our own marketing. Doing our own marketing is something that’s always a battle to schedule in around client work, but we’re trying to get better at it by running bi weekly meetings.

I can’t leave the office with an unread email in my inbox so I like to use the last half an hour of the day to wrap everything up; reply to emails, set reminders and write my to do list for the next day.

  • Gabrielle Richardson

    Gabrielle Richardson

    Operations Manager