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Our London UX agency work with clients and their development teams to design and develop UX and UI for their website, application or software.

Our team of UX designers and front end developers collaborate closely with your team to create world class interfaces that will rapidly improve your product.

Our UX Process

We love working alongside in-house development teams and have developed a process that’s carefully controlled but agile so we can adapt quickly and be as flexible as you need us to be.

A typical project life span looks like:

Stakeholder Workshop

An initial workshop will outline the approach for the project and enable our team to extract key information about your business and existing solution. 


Our team will rapidly become immersed in your offering and will produce low fidelity wireframes planning the structure, key user journeys and layouts of your product.

Clickable Wireframes

We produce wireframes as psds but also incorporate them into Clickable Invision wireframes so you can navigate through the core user journeys and visualise how the new interface will look.


Once the wireframes are complete, we’ll gradually increase the fidelity to produce high quality psd designs.


Our designers work extremely closely with our development team to ensure the front end code brings the designs to life. Our code is top quality. It’s highly considered, maintainable, extensible and adoptable with your in-house development team.

Technical Handover

Throughout development, we’ll be in touch with your team and finish each project with a thorough technical handover.

Customer Goals

Our customers are usually looking for a team who can work alongside themselves to deliver excellent design and development work, on time and on budget.

Typical UX Client Profile

  • Established business or funded startup
  • In house technical team
  • Launching a new product or a new interface for an existing product
  • Professionally demanding
  • Looking for high quality

Technology Stack

Our front-end developers deliver code that can be integrated with your MVC architecture or an AngularJS front-end built to a REST API spec.

Our development team work with GIT repos, build servers, automation testing and automated deployment to deliver code in a controlled way.

Recent Work


Somlo Antiques are a luxury watch boutique in central London. Their online presence was dated and didn’t reflect the fact that they are an established business well respected in their field. They came to us to deliver a site that conveyed their level of service and expertise, whilst showing off their impressive product offering. The site needed to work like an eCommerce site, but not actually take payment as each watch is too unique to be sold online. The goal was for users to get in touch with Somlo to find out more.

Grand Prix Events

Grand Prix Events is an online ticket agent selling tickets to Grand Prixs around the world. Their existing website was successful, but had a poor mobile user experience. We created a streamlined mobile user journey, an intuitive navigation and easy to use checkout. By introducing more imagery to the website, we generated a feeling of excitement about each Grand Prix, resulting in an increased online conversion rate.

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Sirota produce employee surveys for large multi national companies. The interface for their survey taking and building tool was clunky and awkward to use. We designed a new, intuitive interface and built the front end ready for their backend development team to integrate. The application had to work for users around the globe, no matter what language they speak or device they are on. We optimised the application for cursor inputs, touch devices and screen readers.

The Sirota backend development team are currently integrating the front end ready to launch their new application.