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Xeus is a Google Apps CRM designed for small businesses who need to track sales, manage customers and keep on top of projects.

Xeus software development

Continous Integration

To ensure quality, ongoing Xeus development is carried out using a process known as continuous integration. Continuous integration relies on a suite of automation tests, which are written alongside the code and are run each time a developer implements a new feature. As the codebase grows, the automation test suite grows with it and acts as a sort of ‘quality ratchet’. By maintaining a comprehensive suite tests we’re able to roll out new functionality to end users faster.


Xeus is built on some of the heavyweights of enterprise software development, such as Java, Grails, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, MySQL and Apache, as well as cutting edge virtualisation technologies like Docker. We’ve worked hard to ensure that Xeus scales horizontally, and responding to peaks in traffic is as simple as just spinning up another node.

Rapid Innovation

By tracking how our customers are using Xeus, we can identify which areas we should concentrate on enhancing next. Our development processes enable us to rapidly deploy new changes, and we typically release updates to production 2-3 times per week.

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