Somlo Antiques, Art direction and Web Design | Plug and Play

Somlo is a prestigious antique and vintage watch boutique, located in London’s Burlington Mews, and run by Mr. and Mrs. Somlo, who came to us for a website worthy of their impressive collection.

A timely theme

The clock face is a theme throughout the entire site, with the menu icon transforming into a clock when clicked, and the navigation features tick-tock as you scroll.



Transition Navigation

The website has a one-page effect, despite being comprised of several different pages. So, when you scroll to the bottom of a page, you’re seamlessly taken to the next, enabling the user to be directed through a number of appetisers before landing on the conversion point (the enquiry form).

eCommerce Solution

Somlo’s watches are expensive and exclusive, thus no prices are shown on the website and it’s not possible to buy online. We therefore had to reimagine e-commerce, securing Somlo customers by making them want the watch enough to fill out a personal enquiry form.

Collection Filter

Rather than have the entire watch collection on show, our web developers created an intuitive filter, helping customers only see what’s relevant to them, whether that’s pocket watches, jewellery watches, or wristwatches. This streamlines the sales procedure and makes the user experience a personal one.

360 Degree Product Views

Somlo watches are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the people who buy them are watch enthusiasts, in awe of each cog, gear, and finish. This is why James Nixon, our Art Director, created product shots unlike any you’ll have seen before – you can immerse yourself for hours in these intricate 360 degree photos.

“After consulting various companies about rebuilding our company website, the answer was very obvious: Plug & Play. The team were approachable, full of ideas and seemed genuinely excited about the project. We could not recommend them highly enough!” 


Brand modernisation
Website refresh
Art direction
UX design
360 degree product shots
E-commerce filter
Transition navigation
One-page effect