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With no specific website for the OXO Tower, Coin Street approached Plug & Play in order to understand the potential impact of creating one, how it might help their users and how they could develop the prestigious OXO brand online.


The OXO Tower is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The building is managed by Coin Street Community Builders, a not-for-profit serving the local community in and around the Southbank. The Coin Street is a hub for art and design in Europe, with a number of leading business and shops occupying the space. OXO needed a website that would showcase these brands and provide useful and easily accessible information about the building and what it has to offer.


The Plug & Play team have continued
to deliver results over and above what we
had expected. Their recommendations for our online presence at the OXO Tower and our core digital strategy have been outstanding.

– Louise King, Director of Communication and Information

Touch-orientated UX design

With a large percentage of visitors accessing Coin Street’s content on-the-go, it was important that the new site for OXO was geared toward tablet and mobile users. We implemented a ‘fluid’ website design. In a fluid website layout, also referred to as a liquid layout, the majority of elements on each page adjust to the user’s screen resolution. This gives a constant full width view of the content which intelligently responds down to mobile devices. The flat panel design techniques, commonly used in app design, are also great for mobile users making it easy to navigate through the content.

Simple and scalable content management with WordPress

The site acts as a directory for the numerous brands and business that call the OXO Tower home. So the ability to manage the website quickly and easily was paramount. We advised on using WordPress, not only because it’s powerful and flexible, but also because it’s hugely scalable. In the coming months, the OXO site will grow and now the company has a platform which they know will grow with them.

The results

The new site was a bold move for OXO, so how did we do?

Google Analytics

Increase in visitors

Resulting strategy lead to an increase from 16,000 visitors per month to 53,000 visitors per month in one year (data as of Sept 2014)

Decreased bounce rate

Test showed users are engaging with content more than on the previous website with an average bounce rate decrease of 10%

Visitors explore more

With an average 15% increase in page views per session, the new site is more engaging and encouraging users to explore.

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