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Orson is test software that saves companies millions. Amongst their clients are the world’s leading and busiest banks, hence their website needed to explain this complicated technology instantly.

Logo Design

The Orson logo is the true definition of flexible; it can sit alone or in a tablet, and it can be written out in full or it can be minimised to just the ‘O’. Whilst Orson establishes itself, the company can use their logo in full, but as they become more recognisable, they can streamline.


Fast, effective animations

We could have created an explanation video but it was important to show that Orson is unlike any of its competitors, so our designers created a series of animations to explain each of Orson’s services, showing how they connect as the user scrolls. Just like Instagram Stories or Snapchat, these short animations are far more effective for engagement, and a truly modern way to communicate.


Concise and accessible messaging

Our brand journalist had numerous meetings with the Orson team to really get a thorough understanding of the product. Orson is hugely technical, but we wrote the website content in a way that can be comfortably digested by all, from application developers to project managers.

Phased Delivery

A full-scale website is currently in development but Orson required an express delivery to kick-start their business activities. To do this, we created a one-page version of the site, with the rest to be delivered in phase two.


Ongoing Marketing Services

We’re thrilled to announce that Orson have chosen us as their marketing agency, which means we’ll be running all of their online and offline campaigns from here onwards.


New business launch
Logo design
Express delivery

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