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Minale + Mann are an exciting and vibrant architectural design and build company based in London. They approached Plug & Play because they were looking for extremely high levels of attention to detail and quality.




Minale + Mann branding and imagery
Responsive website design

The old brand & website

As you can see; their old website and brand simply wasn’t up for the challenge of representing them in the best possible light. Use the slider below to see the difference between the old website and the new website.

They didn’t appear as highly in Google as they would have liked, and they didn’t have a brand consistent with the level of sophistication in their work.


Minale + Mann beforeMinale + Mann after

The challenge

This project was all about uncompromising quality. At every touch point we needed to deliver immersive aesthetic interactions with beautifully art directed imagery and video.

As a team this is typical of what gets us out of bed in the morning – a challenge to create something industry leading and category defining; something we can be proud of.

View the Website

Web design agency london case study
Minale + Mann website menu
Web design london case study

The brand

Minale + Mann already had an established brand identity when we engaged, but it didn’t reflect the “refined industrial” feel of much of their portfolio. It was too playful and bright, and as such failed to also be sophisticated or sleek.

Our approach was to elevate the brand to a new level by adopting a style and a colour palette that was in keeping with their own architectural design ethos.

The result is that their brand now visually communicates the type of work they do.

Rebranding case study

The approach

  • Adobe XD wireframes
  • Adobe XD designed prototypes
  • Digital Marketing ‘win strategy’ developed
  • Front-end developed
  • Implemented on WordPress

Project key facts

  • 6 month lead time
  • 8 team members worked on the project

The Results

The new website has significantly increased Minale + Mann’s market penetration. Plug & Play targeted a number of high value keywords on the new website and meaningfully increased their keyword placement in Google, driving more high quality traffic to generate more high quality leads.

The graph below is taken from SEOMoz and it demonstrates the increasing keyword rankings of the Minale + Mann website. The coloured bars each signal the keyword rankings for a week of time and the thin blue line represents the point of go live. The pale blue colour represents the keywords ranking in the first 3 positions in Google, green represents the keywords in positions 4 to 10 which are all page 1 positions, and purple represents page 2 rankings.

“This has to be one of the sexiest, most sleek, graphically beautiful, efficiently performing websites out there! In other words……it’s ‘shit hot’! I am seriously thrilled with it”

Sebastian Mann, Founder and CEO

Website design