Miele, Windows 8 App Development | Plug and Play

Miele are a white goods giant, spanning across the globe. The commercial arm of their business, Miele Professional, were in search of a modern, user friendly solution that their customer facing dealers could use to generate quotes, view presentations, product documentation and other internal content.


With a large dealer network, recent roll-out of Windows 8 touch devices prompted the requirement for a native application to be created. Plug & Play were approached to research and develop a suitable application which allowed for features to be added over time.

Creating a powerful app

We researched, planned and delivered an app that offers the Miele professional network more.

Detailed software specification

We helped Miele understand what was possible by reviewing their technology and process. We used this research to develop a blueprint for how the new application would fit into the wider Miele operation,

Sharepoint integration and custom APIs

We developed a unique API to ‘handshake’ with the company’s Sharepoint databases. This means there is no data duplication or added administration time and keeps the information on the app up-to-date.

Custom built management console

Site administrators can manage users, products, documents and videos and the app’s core features. The unique management console is accessed via a web browser and makes app administration simple and fast.

Document creation, and client management

With Miele representatives often visiting clients off site, the application offers a way of building quotations and presentations for clients on-the-fly. These quotes can then be saved and referred to later and are also stored within the centralised CRM for later use, each being assigned to a specific client within the database.

Built-in cost calculators

Customised cost saving calculators are built within the application and can analyse potential cost savings for clients. This enables each sales estimators to provide clients with statistically accurate information about their products, ad-hoc.

Product catalogs and resources

An intuitive product catalog enables reps to gain product information and review product specs quickly and easily. Administrators of the app can easily maintain the product lists including managing each asset that is associated with a product such as spec sheets or user manuals.

The Results

The Windows 8 application is used by more than 500 Miele dealers across the UK to improve their interaction with clients.

Streamlined sales process

The app gives dealers access to an array of functionality previously managed through multiple other sources. A session starts at the beginning of a client quote meeting and is uploaded to the servers at the end – generated quotes and products that clients are interested in are bundled together and made available through a unique URL.

More brand reach

The application is required to function without internet for long periods of time. Although primarily for internal use, non Miele users without credentials can also download the app from the Windows Store to view publically available product information. This allows the app to be more than just a corporate app and provides a Miele presence in the store.