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Some things start with a kiss…

Kiss Mix are on a mission to reinvigorate and redefine the traditional cocktail market. They came to us to convey that message.

The brand story

The Kiss Mix website leaves no stone unturned (or no cocktail unshaken!). Our brand journalists and designers worked together to tell the Kiss Mix story, creating an easy-to-navigate user journey to reveal all, from Kiss Mix’s history, to product explorations, to the nearest stockist.

Six Unique Identities

We brought the cocktails to life by attributing a distinct personality to each flavour, which you’ll see communicated within the specific colour palettes and tones of content for each cocktail description, from the fiery Screwdriver to the sophisticated Cosmopolitan.

Getting inside the can

People want to know exactly what they’re buying, so we let it all spill out of the can and onto the bar. By focusing on the best, fresh ingredients, such as the lemons, oranges, pomegranate, and mint, we could get visitors’ taste buds tingling.

Bespoke Photography

The photos and videos make this site. Each product is displayed boldly in a home or bar setting, and unlike most standard product shots, our Art Director made sure that the cocktails were actually shown in action, so visitors can picture Kiss Mix fitting into their own lifestyle.

Parallax Design

Our developers coded a parallax scrolling feature for the website, enabling a slick user experience (UX), a modern interface, and allowing the brand story to be chronologically revealed as you scroll

Responsive Design

Kiss Mix is sold to bar owners and businesses throughout the world – so the site had to be fully responsive and accessible. Our professional web developers took care of this and our Quality Assurance (QA) team ensured that each browser and device was accounted for.


Brand development
Product photo/video shoots
Art direction
Brand journalism
Microsite for marketing
Social media integration
Unique website design
Location mapping tool




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