Home & Roost - Excellent Digital Marketing | Plug and Play

Online retailer, Home & Roost sell hutches, runs and accessories for rabbits and other domestic animals. Seeking to expand on their success they approached us for a new eCommerce solution and a digital marketing strategy.


When we started work with Home & Roost their PPC was struggling with high costs and lower than expected returns. Their site’s SEO was also encountering issues around page speed, lack of content and poor keyword targeting.

We undertook the task of completely rebuilding their digital marketing along with their website, resulting in digital marketing that has seen a significant return on investment and an optimised, engaging website.

Digital marketing on an active eCommerce site

Working with Home & Roost we used their current PPC successes to guide our efforts. Within months we had achieved some amazing results. Year on year we increased their PPC revenue by more than 146% and improved their eCommerce conversion rate by more than 26%. Best of all, we increased the number of transactions by a full 300%. We also increased paid traffic by 68% and reduced CPC by 52%. The changes even helped remove wasted spend.

Alongside their PPC, we helped them narrow their keyword focus and generate new and engaging content. We rewrote the content on nearly every product page to provide more information and make it more engaging to customers. The new content also improved their SEO rankings and on page keyword usage.

All of this was based around a comprehensive tracking strategy to make sure our digital marketing efforts were both successful and transparent.


Improving Display Advertising

When we initially took control of the Home & Roost display advertising it was struggling with high costs and low click volume. The ads were also struggling to target the appropriate audience. Once we had finished our rebuild the advertising we achieved some awesome results. Year on year impressions were up more than 13%, clicks grew by more than 874% and the click through rate was up by about 758%. All of this was achieved with a negligible increase in the budget.


Getting The Best Out Of Google Shopping

Our initial inspection of Home & Roosts Google Shopping ads showed the ad’s were struggling due to a number of errors. After correcting these errors and creating a more accurate product feed, we were able to drastically improve the campaign. We increased impressions by approximately 94% and clicks by 143% while decreasing cost by  42%.