Doctify, Web Design & UX Design | Plug and Play

Doctify is one of the most innovative movements in the healthcare industry, enabling patients to search, book, and review NHS and private health services online. We launched Doctify’s website, which went on to secure them national news coverage.

Original Design

We produced a clean, original design for Doctify to launch with. Focusing on green and white hues, we kept the theme medical but slick, creating an appealing website design that could be maintained throughout all of their marketing materials.

Complete Front-End Build

As a start-up, Doctify had few resources to work with, so whilst they had some back-end development capability, they needed a company that could create a faultless front-end build to cope with their high traffic volumes. Our developers did just that, implementing a contemporary UX design for mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Application-Based Search

Our senior designer purposely designed a search facility that resembled application-based software. This was to match the customer profile: busy, modern-day people who want their health service to be fast, intuitive, and simple.

Complex Wireframe, Simple Call-to-Action

Wireframing Doctify was an extensive task, as there are so many possible search criteria and outcomes. However, we know that users ultimately just want to ‘find a specialist’, which is why we made this feature stick, allowing it to be accessed at any point during the website visit.


UX design
Website development
Product launch
Social media integration
Complex wireframe
Sticky navigation
Search and browse