City of London Gin Distillery, ecommerce and web design | Plug and Play

A good old-fashioned challenge

Once upon a time, there was a gin distillery or shop on every street corner in London. Today, COLD is the only working distillery that remains in the City.

Our team were challenged to use this unique selling point to showcase COLD’s three-dimensional offering; their exquisite blends of gin, exclusively bottled in decanters shaped like St Paul’s cathedral, eye-opening tours of the distillery, and the atmospheric COLD bar itself.

Whilst required to function as an ecommerce and booking website, it was essential to maintain that olden day feel to reinforce the brand purpose.

On launching the new website, online sales increased by 50%.

Left-hand navigation

It’s unusual to feature a left-hand navigation bar but it was our way of making sure the COLD logo could bask in all its glory. If you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s a gentle nod to an old banknote too.

The Gin Bottles

We took COLD’s gin out of the bar and into the City. As each bottle reflects off the Thames, they hint to their own story; for instance, you’ll catch a glimpse of St. Paul’s if you hover over the Christopher Wren bottle, which is one of the cathedrals he famously rebuilt.

Moving Imagery

Our Art Director, James Nixon, conceptualised and organised most of the videos, product shots, and images you’ll see around the site. Subtlety of movement was key to capturing COLD in action, so it’s almost like looking at a still image with enchanting, added depth.

Experience as you scroll

The experience pages use parallax scrolling to take visitors on a taster of each tour, whetting one’s appetite just enough to click ‘book now’ at the bottom of the page.

Fully responsive checkout

Another unusual feature is the intuitive checkout system. The layout and functionality is exactly the same on mobile as it is on desktop, making for a truly seamless user experience.

Website features

responsive Responsive across devices
e-commerce Complete ecommerce display
 Fully integrated booking system
Parallax scrolling
art direction Original artwork, photography, and video
ui-ux Designed for User Experience (UX)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Aligned with social media platforms




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