Marketing roundup: May 2015

Digital Marketing By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 1st June 2015

The general election had brands’ tongues wagging, the threat of Mobilegeddon Part 2 loomed and a certain little piglet captured hearts and minds around the globe. These were the best marketing campaigns of May 2015.

Vodafone introduced us to Piggy-Sue and Keith the Postie

Vodafone are the clear marketing winners this month, showing us the true power of their product through the tale of a connection formed between a lost piglet and postman.

The ad is steadily racking up its view count and positive reviews by the hour. Take a look at it here:

Brands got political for #GE2015

A lot of ‘newsjacking’ occurred around the 7th of May as brands joined in the general election conservation. This marketing technique works because it keeps a brand relevant, piques audience interest and gets a company written about…

So, on that note, our favourites included:

Mr Kipling putting a cakey twist on the Conservative’s iconic 1979 ‘Labour isn’t working’ poster.

The ever cheeky Paddy Power leaving a little message for David Cameron outside the Houses of Parliament ahead of the results.

Wickes providing undecided voters with a colourful solution.

And finally, Innocent’s post for the fence sitters…

Bing announced their mobile friendly algorithm

The UK’s second1 most popular search engine publicised its new mobile friendly algorithm, but don’t worry, this isn’t Mobilegeddon Part 2.

Bing have said the rollout will be much slower than Google’s as they want to give webmasters time to digest the news and implement mobile friendly functions, such as responsive design. However, the algorithm will be in real time, so as soon as Bing crawls a mobile friendly page, your page rank will benefit.

Emoji mania

Just weeks after Google started supporting emojis, Expedia decorated the title tags of their popular searches with mini aeroplane seats and dinky hotels.


Emojis certainly make search results stand out but don’t be in a hurry to update your meta descriptions and title tags just yet, as Google have announced emojis will soon be cut from search results on desktop.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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