The marketing roundup: February 2015

Digital Marketing By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 27th February 2015

Marketers have been on top form this month. Our marketing roundup looks at the biggest stories and campaigns that went viral in February 2015.

Marmite confronted celebrity neglect

Once again, Marmite has produced another salty dollop of marketing brilliance as part of their #MarmiteNeglect campaign.

The ad sees the Neglect Squad swoop in to save Dean Gaffney (that’s Robbie Jackson off of Eastenders!), the once loved but now forgotten celebrity, from a demeaning fate of performing to an empty room at a working man’s club.

Marmite, you’re right – you didn’t neglect Dean so we won’t neglect you. Now, let’s all reach to the back of our cupboards and give that jar of Marmite some airtime.

Twitter launched its ‘Quick Promote’ tool

On the 4th of February, Twitter made life a whole lot easier for SMEs with the ‘Quick Promote’ tool.

Now, marketers can promote a tweet directly from the Analytics dashboard in just a couple of clicks. The best bit is that Twitter will automatically target it to users with matching interests, who they say are 32%1 more likely to visit your business as a result.

Facebook announced ‘Product Ads’

On the 17th of February, Facebook announced its latest advertising feature – ‘Product Ads’.

Businesses can now advertise multiple items, or even their entire catalogue, across devices whilst still ensuring that each individual product is shown to the right target audience. For retailers with a social media strategy, this could bring in a whole new flow of sales.

AllSaints ditched the catwalk at London Fashion Week

This year, high street fashion brand AllSaints broke LFW tradition by not sending models up the runway wearing their latest designs.

Instead, AllSaints released a digital film across their global social media sites.

This bold transition emphasised the buzz that real-life events are creating online with brands having to prioritise this audience to gain traction amongst the increasingly crowded whirlwind that is LFW.

#TheDress caused heated debate

The Internet ground to a halt on the 26th February as the world furiously argued over the colour of this dress:

Some believe it is white and gold whilst others see blue and black. Even Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian put in their two pennies’ worth.

The Roman Originals dress has reeled in some serious press (and some pretty funny Amazon feedback!) for the brand despite the company having nothing to do with the original post that was uploaded by a customer in Edinburgh.

Roman Originals have reacted quickly, restocking #TheDress and making a front-page feature of it on their website, proving just how important it is for marketers to stay on top of the public conversation.

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