Marketers need to rethink their budget for content marketing

Digital Marketing, Industry News By Rhys Little, 18th June 2014

It is now time for traditional marketers to rethink their strategies in content marketing.  Budgets for content marketing are on the rise and many brands are planning to carry on contributing a lot more towards content marketing according to the Content Marketing Institute.

“What forced brands down the content marketing route, was that advertising was starting to fail. This new, sophisticated, in-touch audience who, within the social spaces, have a voice who can turn around and say to a brand ‘we don’t like this’,” says James Booth, founder of Rockabox.

The trick to content marketing is that is has to be very engaging towards the audience, however this is becoming a tougher job to do.  Many marketers have turned to using video as a tool for content marketing which is great but as long as the content is creative and relevant.

The CMI study suggested that around 33 per cent of marketers struggle to come up with varied content that hasn’t already been done elsewhere.  Could it be more beneficial to your business to hire someone new for the role or do you think you can make do with what you’ve got? -It’s going to take some effort.