Marketers increase investment in Facebook advertising

Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Industry News By Rhys Little, 31st January 2014

Marketers are increasingly using Facebook to engage with consumers, according to the latest figures revealed by the social network.

Facebook has experienced a 76 per cent rise in its revenue and an 82 per cent increase in earnings, largely due to its improved advertising services, reports.

Having previously performed poorly in terms of advertising sales in 2012, the social networking giant has managed to attract marketers by providing them with data on how their content is performing, helping them to gauge how effective their posts have been.

The website also refined the tools it uses to allow companies to target users, not just on their activity on Facebook, but also what they buy in shops as well.

The internet site is now only second to Google in the international advertising market and the worldwide mobile advertising market, according to eMarketer.

Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s vice president of measurement and insights, told that the company first showed advertisers how its users responded to adverts in 2012 and the social network is starting to feel the benefit of it.

Mr Smallwood said: “I can’t say we’re anywhere close to done on anything… We’re never going to be done with this because the world is going to keep changing.”