‘The Lego Movie’ hailed as great piece of content marketing

Development, Digital Marketing By Rhys Little, 13th February 2014

A content marketing journalist has argued that ‘The Lego Movie’ is a great piece of content marketing, as the film itself and the marketing running up to its release have acted as a huge advert for Lego products.

Writing for econsultancy.com, Christopher Ratcliff explained that the marketing campaign really began seven months ago, when film studio Warner Bros. shared a teaser trailer of the upcoming film. The marketing strategy which soon followed saw continued audience engagement through a variety of social media sites. Very recently, a number of popular adverts were remade using Lego bricks during the advert break of ‘Dancing on Ice’, making it impossible for anyone to miss the fact ‘The Lego Movie’ is coming to cinemas soon.

Mr Ratcliff praised Lego’s social media community too, stating that the brand makes itself so likeable and popular with ease.

“The point when Lego got its marketing strategy dead-on is when it started treating adult and child one and the same,” he writes. “From its social channels where it keeps a constant eye on the feeds and is super quick to engage and remain personal to its audience. To its CUUSOO page where it’s built a supportive and consistently imaginative community, Lego’s invitation to its audience is a catch-all policy.”

The film itself also acts as a great advert for Lego’s products and warc.com cites a contributer on Forbes who stated a new trend might be afoot. Earlier this year, ‘Anchorman 2’ promoted the new Dodge Durango SUV in the film, with the main character making a reference to how spacious the car’s glove compartment is.