Lack of non-responsive websites affects ecommerce

Ecommerce By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 27th June 2014

Figures from IDG Global Solutions, show that at least three quarters of consumers now watch videos on a smartphone, but due to the lack of responsive websites out there it’s not allowing customers to purchase items from their mobile phones.

Security fears are also causing problems for ecommerce, as even multinational websites such as eBay has revealed that their database had been hacked into.

In 2012, only 61% of consumers watched videos on their smartphones; but in 2014, this has now  increased to 75%.  Half of the respondents have revealed that they use a tablet to read the newspapers.  40% of them also said that they would swap their laptop or desktop for a tablet.

Christina Carstensen of IDG Global Solutions said: “The ‘mobile evolution’ is having a profound effect on consumers and businesses.

“It has kick-started the ‘always-on’ culture, presenting brands with unprecedented opportunities to develop closer relationships with their customers. We have moved beyond media convergence to a convergence of technology and humans, and brands more than ever need to show their human side to communicate in a relevant, engaging and intuitive way.”

The study surveyed 23,500 executives and consumers across 43 countries and is the fifth annual global mobile report from IDG.