ITV Shock Advertisers with charges during World Cup

Industry News By Rhys Little, 28th May 2014

ITV have announced that they could charge up to £300,000 for a 30 second advertisement during England’s world cup games.

ZenithOptimedia told The Guardian that prices could vary from £275,000 to £300,000 for an advertisement during an England game.  ITV have the broadcasting rights to two matches, where the team will play Uruguay and Costa.  BBC have the rights for the group match between Italy.

ITV have revealed that they will charge £40,000 and £100,000 for TV matches that do not feature England, purely for the smaller audience that will be watching these types of matches.

“Interest in the UK depends on England’s presence,” said Chris Hayward, Head of Investment at ZenithOptimedia. “In terms of sport [in the UK], football is king. In the first round matches England games will command a high premium but there is no doubt the audiences will reflect this. For young and male audiences these games will be some of the highest TV audiences of the year.”

ZenithOptimedia believe that the audience watching the World Cup will be an opportunity to reach a specific target market audience that don’t often watch TV, so companies could benefit from this unusual audience. The World Cup advertising spots are available to buy as one-off spaces, instead of the usual packages where they are normally sold as part of agency deals.

We are looking forward to seeing who cannot resist and agrees to pay these extortionate prices for the advertising spots.