ICP Results

By Gabrielle Davenport, 14th August 2017

A few months ago we launched a new website for advertising agency ICP. You can read all about the process we went through and what we set out to achieve with the new website here. Now that the site has been live a little while, we can take a look at the results, comparing the performance of the old ICP website with the new ICP website.

The graph below shows the performance of keywords organically ranking on Google from March to June 2017. This data is taken from Moz, a market-leading SEO tool which we use to track keyword performance.

The light blue indicates the keywords we are tracking ranking in the top three positions in Google and green indicates the lower half of page one of Google, positions 4-10.

ICP results graph

The data shows the keyword performance before and after the new website went live on the 10th May. The new website is highly optimised for keywords, fast to load and contains deeper pages of content resulting in a noticeable organic improvement. There’s been a significant increase in the number of keywords that ICP ranks for, but most importantly, a big increase in the number of keywords that rank in positions 1-3 in Google.


Keywords now ranking in the Top 10 of Google

ICP keywords chart

A highly optimised landing page for DAM Managed Services has resulted in the page now ranking number two in Google, which previously wasn’t ranking.


Domain authority is a metric developed by Moz. The higher your domain authority, the more likely you are to earn higher search engine rankings and receive better quality web traffic to your site.

When we first undertook an audit of the previous website, ICP’s domain authority was 14 out of 100. The domain authority is now 25 out of 100 making the site more visible to search engines.


Google Analytics

We compared June 2016 with June 2017 and can report very positive statistics.

A 29% increase in sessions, 5% increase in users, 93% increase in page views and the average session duration has increased from an average of 1 minute to 3 minutes dwell time. This demonstrates how effective the new design has been: users are finding what they need quicker and engaging with the site for longer.

We are also pleased to report that organic search traffic to the website has increased by 51% compared to this time last year!

We’ll continue to monitor ICP’s performance over the coming months.

Generating results like this is of vital importance to us on any web build project. Too many agencies get caught up by simply building a prettier version of a client’s existing site, without focusing on whether the new website is actually going to be effective. By climbing the rankings in Google, we help to increase traffic to our clients’ websites. With a great new redesign, more of the people visiting their site will convert into enquiries.