Heineken launches location based Twitter service

Digital Marketing, Industry News By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 14th July 2014

Where next? If this is a question that commonly comes up between your mates on a night out, then Heineken has the answer.

They are launching a new service today called @wherenext which allows people to plan their nights out directly from Twitter using a location based social activity to recommend which place is best to go next.

All a user has to do is tweet @wherenext their location, so that they can receive a recommendation.  The service chooses a recommendation by looking at tweets, Instagram photos and Foursquare check-ins by the general public. A mobile responsive website can also be accessed for a closer look at any recommendations, which also taps into Instagram which shows pictures of the venue to see if it’s suitable for the user.

“If we had just made it a Heineken bar finder nobody would care. We didn’t want an unused app,” explained Paul Smailes, Heineken’s Global Head of Digital. The service doesn’t only promote venues that sell Heineken beer as  they didn’t want users to believe that it’s a “branded only application”.

The service will be promoted in a new global campaign over four months. Heineken has also signed a six month contract with the Metro newspaper in London, to produce a weekly figure of the best places in London.