Over half of consumers dismiss Amazon’s anticipatory shopping concept

Ecommerce By Rhys Little, 3rd April 2014

New research shows that the majority of British consumers (55 per cent) would shun Amazon’s anticipatory shopping concept if it were to launch in the UK.

The ecommerce giant has disclosed plans of a new retail model that sees customers sent items they might be interested in with the option of buying or returning them to the seller.

Although some of the system’s finer details have been kept under wraps, forbes.com says Amazon has obtained a patent for what it calls ‘anticipatory shipping’ – rather than anticipatory shopping – which will send items related to a user’s previous purchases.

What the company may not have banked on is such a resounding objection to the plans. According to a survey of over 2,000 shoppers from Venda, over half of consumers will reject the idea and promptly send their goods back to Amazon. Internetretailing.net says 39 per cent consider anticipatory shopping to be nothing more than a money-making ploy, with more women (43 per cent) taking this stance than men (36 per cent).

The same study claimed that retailers like Amazon are better off applying focus to some of the bugbears experienced by ecommerce shoppers in present day. Some 26 per cent say they are more likely to abandon their cart if the website is slow, with a quarter threatening to shop with a competitor if the business cannot offer same-day shipping.