How to enter Q1 with a Bang!

Business Management By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 31st December 2014

As the New Year approaches the sound of champagne bottles popping fills our heads. But before we start the celebrations and music, take some time to think about what you want to achieve with your business in 2015.

In this article, we’re going to be giving you some advice about starting the business year with a bang.

You don’t need to treat these as the dreaded New Years Resolutions… Why not think about them as promises to yourself and your company.

Promises that will no doubt bear fruit if you follow them through to fruition.

Do something different

The start of the year provides a brilliant opportunity to pitch new ideas to colleagues and associates.

Been milling an idea over Christmas, or even before then – but just not had the guts to speak up, work it out, or even try it out? Well, now is the time!

Think of three things you’ve always wanted to do with your company – and just do them!

Staff can be an excellent source of inspiration, and doing something that improves the moral of your employees is a surefire way to get the year off to a great start.

Go forth into fresh waters

No doubt you have built up a fan base of loyal customers and clients over the years and if you’re keeping them loyal you’re no doubt reaping the rewards of referrals and endorsements.

Well, with that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if you could expand on that success?

You can! All it needs is a little reach outside of your comfort zone into new markets. Think of groups, people and businesses you’ve never targeted before and go after them. To start off though, stay close to your existing market, and then work outwards. You don’t have to go head long running into unchartered waters, dip your toe in first, and see if it’s warm enough. Then jump in when it is!

Reflect more 

The day-to-day routine gets us all. Its far too easy to get caught up in that next big project or pitch. Or ensuring that the next quarter performs better than the last.

But take some time to just stop, ponder and reflect about new product innovations, different approaches and strategies or any problems you or your company might be facing. Allow your brain to do what it does best – problem solve.

Not only will you feel more relaxed, when you have that eureka moment it will be all the more worth it.

Delegate and balance your workload

Instead of running into 2015 spinning even more plates, try and delegate some of those plates to other employees. We all have trouble letting go of important tasks to others, but if you really want your business to shine, recognizing that you have to let others do work for you as well is a great start.

Otherwise, you’ll be swamped with responsibility! Which leads us onto our last, but perhaps most important point.

Find more time to unwind

You might be thinking this is a little premature, given the fact we’ve just had Christmas holidays and all. But part of getting ahead in businesses is having enough downtime to power your uptime.

So make a small, but conscious decision to leave the smartphone downstairs before you think about going to bed, or not to take any work calls after 5.30pm, even if it is just on Fridays.

Meet up with that long time friend who you can never find the time for.

You’ll feel better for it and be ready to tackle the year head on in great spirits.

Happy New Year!