Convenience cited as main reason why consumers do their Christmas shopping online

Uncategorized By Rhys Little, 10th December 2013

Consumers prefer shopping online during Christmas, mainly due to convenience, according to a new poll.

A survey, conducted by eDigitalResearch, has indicated that one in four consumers believes that their online shopping experience improves during the festive period.

More than half of these respondents said that avoiding queues in the high street was the main reason why they preferred shopping online.

Better prices and an improved range of products were also cited by more than half of the sample group as key reasons why online shopping was their favoured choice over the holidays.

Reacting to these figureseDigitalResearch commercial director Derek Eccleston urged retailers to ensure that their online service was as convenient as possible for shoppers.

He told“As marketplaces become more and more competitive, service really is the only way to set your brand apart from the rest. Previous eDigitalResearch consumer research suggests that happy, satisfied customers are likely to be loyal towards your brand, leading to repeat purchases and added revenue.” reports that flexible delivery options were cited by one in three respondents as a key reason why they choose to shop online. Crowds and queues were listed as the main reasons to avoid Christmas shopping on the high street.