Brits the most frequent users and spenders in global ecommerce league

Industry News By Rhys Little, 13th December 2013

Brits not only use online shopping more than consumers in any other major economy, they also spend the most money.

That’s according to findings from Ofcom’s latest International Communications Market Report, which uncovered a 16 per cent rise in ecommerce spend for the average UK shopper. says the total is now up to a staggering £1,175 per person – £307 more than Australia, which assumed second place.

Brits also seem to trust online retailers far more than shoppers across other markets. A resounding 83 per cent of UK consumers said they were always confident that they’d receive the right item, while only 68 per cent of Italians said the same.

Ofcom said 70 per cent of shoppers even admitted to feeling more confident about buying products over the web than in-store, while 80 per cent trusted the website they were buying from to describe their product accurately.

Shingo Murakami, managing director of the Rakuten-owned, said the number of Britons turning to their computers to buy products continues to rise every year.

In a message for UK websites ahead of the Christmas period, Mr Murakami told “With Brits spending more than anyone else online, retailers cannot afford to miss out on these potential sales over the festive season,

“Retailers today must have a strong multichannel offering and a clear digital strategy, including reward opportunities, incentives and of course, great customer service.”