Top 20 CoolBrands. 10 and 14 are worth talking about.

Industry News By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 29th September 2014

The CoolBrands top 20 list for 2014/15 has been announced.

The usual suspects, Apple, Aston Martin and Nike, are firmly holding their ground at the top of the list but there have been some interesting shifts further down.

Netflix broke into the top 20 for the first time, proving that a newcomer can make the cut. The streaming service, placing tenth on the list, is now reported to have around 3 million1 subscribers in the UK. It’s success is likely buoyed by the popularity of its own programmes, which include Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, a feat that no other video provider has grasped so potently.

Twitter ended its three-year run in the rankings as Instagram settled in to 14th place. This is a particularly interesting twist for marketers, who may now do well to pay more attention to their Instagram presence if they are hoping to create a buzz around their product.

So, are you ready for the official countdown? It goes:

1. Apple
2. Aston Martin
3. Nike
4. Chanel
5. Glastonbury
6. Google
7. YouTube
8. Dom Perignon
9. Rolex
10. Netflix
11. Bang & Olufsen
12. Ray-Ban
13. Alexander McQueen
14. Instagram
15. Bose
16. Liberty
17. Selfridges
18. Sony
19. Virgin Atlantic
20. Stella McCartney

The annual CoolBrands list is compiled from a poll of 2,000 British consumers and a panel of 37 ‘influencers’, who include model Jodie Kidd, musicians Reverend and the Maker, and SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards.

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