Brand new reading-age search engine created

Business Management, Development, Digital Marketing By Rhys Little, 12th March 2014

Two US university professors have developed a brand new search engine that they are hoping could one day become the de facto tool for schools and universities.

Dr Philip Kovak and Ryan Weber, from the University of Alabama, have created what they call the ‘Complexity Engine’, notes. It revolves around the premise of offering search engine functionality that returns results based on the reading age of each user. As such, schools can ensure the material being provided to their students is just right for their age and ability.

That’s not all, as Weber and Dr Kovak claim their Complexity Engine could also save schools money by negating the need for them to buy expensive text books. In addition, gifted pupils can be effectively challenged, whilst those who struggle a little more can work with the search engine to raise their abilities.

The project has already gained widespread attention and is in the running for a $10,000 development grant from the Alabama Launchpad, which is aimed at rewarding high-growth, innovative ventures.

Commenting on his new search engine, Dr Kovak told “What we’re developing is a way to get through the nonsense and junk online and get to the learning material.

“If you go and search the web for ‘submarine’, you will get thousands of results that are all over the place compared to what you want to find. With our search engine, you will get around 150 results that are more closely about [sic] what you were searching for.”