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App design agency London

We design and build apps for phones, tablets and watches on iOS, Android or Windows.

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With multiple awards under our belt, in-house designers, developers and mobile strategists with over 13 years experience; we deliver outstanding mobile first applications from concept to launch.

Creating a great mobile app experience is about just that; the experience. How an app ‘feels’ is a key part of how your users will interpret their experience while using your application. Today, designing mobile apps is more akin to responsive web design as designers and developers need to consider more and more varieties of device and screen sizes. Over the years, we’ve developed design principles for app design which ensure our apps are tuned to the audience’s normal behaviours, while at the same time sustainable with a scalable and secure code base.

Re-imagining your app

The best performing apps are those that are continually enhanced through design to improve user experience. But as with all software, it’s sometimes difficult for app owners to consistently put the time and consideration needed into of the design of an app and sometimes you need an experienced team to help out. Whether it’s a full re-design of an app or some specific user cases or feature sets, we work with our clients to rapidly deliver key design and feature enhancements in applications with a fresh set of eyes. Often, we’re working directly with app users to understand their behaviour, desires and pain points and we balance this learning with any technology or development principles defined by your own development team.

Starting from scratch

When building apps from the ground up, we’ll work with your stakeholders to plan out the application and its features through a Discovery process. We’ll build prototypes so we can test, enhance and develop our ideas and sanity check them before commiting to the development process. Then we’ll set about designing the final version of the application ready for development by our frontend and backend development teams. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Testing team who work closely with developers to ensure every part of the application works as it should, on all devices.


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