8 things we love about Canary Wharf

Company Update By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 27th January 2015

At the end of last year, we opened our brand new digital marketing office in Canary Wharf.

Now, we sit amongst the suits and bankers in London’s financial hub, and we couldn’t be happier. These are the eight things we love most about working in Canary Wharf.


Commuters queue to get on the tube in Canary Wharf – you don’t find civilised behaviour like that at any other station in London! Rhys, Strategy Director


Everyone walks with purpose around here and there are no tourists getting in the way! Gabrielle, Project Manager


‘Oh, did I mention that I work in Canary Wharf?’
Being able to casually slip that in to conversation never gets old. Farrell, Project Manager


The mega falafel salads from Organic Chickpeas make lunchtime delicious. Josanne, Brand Journalist


You have to pinch yourself when you stumble upon Sammy the Seal playing with his plastic pipe at South Quay. You’re not a true E14-er until you’ve met him! Steve, Software Developer


The view of the O2 across the Thames is truly Instagram-worthy (it’s the reason we get to work in time for sunrise!). Megan, Marketing Manager


At night, it feels like you’re a tiny character in a cartoon as the film noir-esque buildings tower above you, beaming out rays of light from the trading room floors. Hélène, Graphic Designer


Canary Wharf shopping centre is a maze and it’s inevitable you’ll get lost in it – but with all those shops around, you’ll find something to cheer yourself up with! Rohit, Web Developer