8 terrible Christmas presents

Uncategorized By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 25th December 2014

Ever unwrapped an awful Christmas gift and had to feign excitement about it?

We asked the office, what are the worst Christmas presents you have ever received?

  1. Barbie dolls from my nan… I was 16 years old.
    Megan, Colchester
  2. When I was younger, my parents said they were giving me £50 for Christmas. They then reminded me that I owed them £80 and told me they’d knock it off my IOU instead!
    Richard, London
  3. My neighbours gave me a set of socks that had ‘Millennium 2000’ printed on them. It was 2001.
    Tim, London
  4. I received a box of chocolates that were ten months out of date from my secret Santa at an old office job. Turns out they were from my boss who’d been given them by the IT manager the previous year! Clearly she didn’t like the chocolates so wrapped them back up to palm off on me.
    Gabrielle, Guildford
  5. At 17, I looked really young for my age, which is probably why I received a Power Rangers towel from a distant cousin who didn’t know me that well. It was really embarrassing at the time – but I take it to the beach every time I go on holiday with the lads now!
    Rhys, Surrey
  6. A crop circles calendar. Let me make this clear: I don’t believe in aliens, plus I have wheat intolerance.
    John, London
  7. An ex bought me underwear that was three sizes too big. I’m not sure if it was wishful thinking or if he genuinely thought I had DDs!
    Jo, London
  8. A CD of Christmas songs. The awkward bit is that it didn’t get delivered until two days after Boxing Day so I had to wait a whole year to actually use it.
    James, Godalming