The 8 best Christmas adverts of all time

Uncategorized By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 27th November 2014

We’ve scoured the universe (Youtube) to find the funniest, most festive and best Christmas adverts of all time.

1. IRN-BRU, 2006

We always knew there was something dodgy about that snowman!

2. True Blood, 2011

You know when you buy someone a present just because it’s something you’d like to receive…

3. Target, 2011

Feeling festive and completely unhinged. We love her.

4. Yellow Pages, 1992

A true classic.

5. John Lewis, 2013

Before Monty the penguin, came the bear and the hare. Short animated film + slightly melancholy soundtrack + sentimental ending = the formula that is making John Lewis a serious competitor for Coca-Cola in the ‘it’s not Christmas until we run our ad’ department.

6. Woolworths, 1983

For 6-year-old-you, a trip to Woolworths was the best part of Christmas, and this little Cockney musical number perfectly sums that up. Look at all those toys – and those prices!

7. Warehouse, 2012

Office banter.

8. Coca-Cola, first aired in 1995

We had to put them in – they did invent Santa after all!