5 brands that nailed April Fools’ Day

Digital Marketing By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 2nd April 2015

Marketers love April Fools’ Day because, not only is it fun, but it can garner some serious publicity too.

These are our top five marketing April Fools’ Day pranks of 2015.

1. YouTube

Whatever song you wanted to listen to on the 1st of April 2015, YouTube asked if you actually meant that you’d like to hear Sandstorm by Darude in this simple yet infuriating prank.


2. Google Maps

Google only went and turned their Maps function into a giant game of Pac-Man – and it was AWESOME!


3. Timehop

Things got a bit sassy over on Timehop’s Twitter feed yesterday when they posted this announcement:


Timehop is the app that allows users to revisit their old social media posts and has been going strong since 2011. Earlier this month, Facebook released ‘On This Day’, a seemingly Timehop-inspired time capsule tool.

For April Fools’ Day 2015, Timehop seized the opportunity to call Facebook out on stealing their idea by announcing ‘Timebook’, which is absolutely ‘not at all inspired by Facebook’.

4. Miz Mooz

Selfie sticks got a lot of stick on April the 1st, with everyone from Samsung to Honda taking a swipe, but relatively under-the-radar shoe brand Miz Mooz won the competition for ultimate narcissistic absurdity.

5. BMW New Zealand

And finally, BMW made it clear that they do not play around. The company ran an ‘April Fools’ Day Special’ in the newspaper, stating that readers who visited the Auckland dealership with the clipping and asked for ‘Tom’ could swap their old car for a brand new BMW.

The ad had prank written all over it but it turned out to be very serious double-bluff.