2 brave retailers fighting the digital takeover

Digital Marketing By Josanne Griffin-Mason, 26th September 2014

By 2018, a weighty 22%1 of the UK’s high street retailers will close shop as the nation’s penchant for online shopping rules.

Our high street is preparing for battle. Check out these retailers’ killer moves.


Why bother spending valuable time and money on hitting a coffee shop with your friend when you’ve got WhatsApp? This is why:

Starbucks remind us that only a face-to-face catch-up will do.

The series of adverts are made of simple visuals depicting instant messaging exchanges, complete with stunted conversations and awkward emojis. The power is in the voice over, which reveals the intimate details that get lost in digital; a father feeling his grandchild kick for the first time, a best friend working out how her friend really feels about her recent date and a couple actually working out their differences rather than just leaving it at a ‘thumbs up’ icon.


Would you rather the latest MacBook or, er, the latest IKEA catalogue?

This tongue-in-cheek parody video launching IKEA’s 2015 catalogue has catapulted the home retailer into the limelight.

IKEA mock the technology sector’s fondness for hyperbole as they boast about their ‘bookbook’, which houses the advanced powers of touch activated scrolling technology (page turning), fast sharing capabilities (just give it to your friend) and enhanced accessibility (it’s free!).

Apple are not IKEA’s direct competition but the retailer has decided to take them on in the height of their digital takeover, making themselves relevant and personable in doing so, whilst reminding us that you can’t beat good old ink and paper.

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